Why Should I Consider Repainting My Home?

In favorable or difficult economic times, we still live in a tropical environment. Our homes are subjected to extremes in heat and moisture. Properly applied high quality paint and sealants can help protect your home and family from the ravages of these conditions.

What Kinds of Conditions Should I Be Aware Of?

Moisture in the form of vapor or water can enter the walls and interior of the home thru stressed, or improperly applied paint and sealants. Caulking and sealants around windows and doors, minor stucco cracks, small openings at siding, trim, stone or brick can let wind driven rain or excessive humidity enter the exterior walls. Paint and sealants can shrink, crack or separate due to age or normal structure movement. This will contribute to mold growth. Mold requires moisture to grow. It can even accumulate undetected over weeks, months and years.

What Can Exterior Paint from L & Jim Painting Do to Enhance the Health and Welfare of My Family?

After a thorough inspection of all exterior surfaces, we will seal all cracks, windows, doors, corners, or anywhere that two different surfaces come together. Different surface materials can expand and contract at different rates. Using the highest quality sealants insures that the paint can form a protective envelope preventing moisture from entering your home even in the most unlikely areas. We use all lessons learned from hurricanes, tropical storms and summer storms and along with two decades of experience, to help you protect your largest investment, and your precious family.

Can Repainting My Home Increase the Value?

Without doubt. It increases the life of structural and decorative components. It shows that you have invested time and resources to maintain the home inside and out. A properly maintained home is worth more to you as well. It helps to make a house a home, and gives your family a feeling of security.

If We Decide to Repaint The Interior of Our Home, Will We Need To Move Out For a While?

No. We cater to all our customers needs. Our workers will do everything possible to minimize any inconvenience caused by our work. We screen all our employes and can provide proof of license, insurance and background checks. The safety of our customers is of highest priority to L&Jim Painting.

Are There Benefits To Using The New Green Products?

Low VOC paints have been designed to minimize any impact to our environment. They are manufactured to reduce odors as well. The increased cost is minimal, and they are readily available. Those with allergies may want to consider these.

Are Estimates Free? Will I be Pressured in Any Way?

They are always free. Our very knowledgeable Manager of Operations would be pleased to meet with you at your convenience. He will be happy to share his years of experience to assist you in deciding what services or products will fill your needs. His goal is to make the estimating and proposal process as easy as possible. He will never pressure you to purchase any service or product beyond your wants or needs. All estimate are in writing for your protection.

Would I be allowed to purchase my own paint?

We are here to fill your needs. If the paint you have or want to purchase on your own will complete the project properly, we will be happy to make use of it and charge you for labor only. If the paint has expired or is of low quality, we will discuss this with you and offer affordable options. This can be any brand name you prefer.


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  • Moisture typically enters through exterior walls through cracks in aging paint
  • If left unchecked, this can then lead to structure rot and might invite insects such as termites and other wood destroying creatures.
  • Painting and sealing your home today, could save thousands in repairs later. As well as seal your home from unwanted pests.